Why Bô Transmission


I deeply feel the importance of early childhood education. I hope every individual can pay attention to the environment and the space we live in, find harmony with nature. At the heart of this BÔ – Le Jardin Imaginaire project, I want to develop an artistic space to live and share my research with children.

Relearning to know nature and creating is the key to this transmission. Understand the creation in the universe, from the shape of a small seed, and up to the galaxy, this big “EVERYTHING”, of which the human is a part. Learning to create is learning to live and respect nature. This link allows us to find this origin: where do we come from? Who are we ? Where are we going? It gives meaning to our life, our existence.

After 4 billion years of life on earth, and hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, what does art want to convey? Where is the value of creativity? As Dostoyevsky said “Beauty will save the world”. We need the eyes to find the beauty in life, and the heart to understand it.